What We Do

Kor Computing is a colocation service company providing all data infrastructure for backup companies like yours. We are the provider of provider.

What We Provide

Kor Computing provides hosting for your backup or storage business in Tier 3, SAS 70 Type II data centers.

Our plans include:
  • Virtual machine: Windows Server 2008 or Linux (CentOS), at no additional charge
  • Network access with GigE bursting
  • ALL inbound and outbound network bandwidth at NO additional charge
  • All traffic through our hardware firewall at NO additional charge
  • Storage access to our multi-terabyte arrays
  • What You Provide

  • The backup or storage software
  • Management of your operating system and software
  • Current Backup and Storage Vendors

    Still not convinced? Check out the current vendors we currently have online:

  • Kor Computing Current Vendor List.
  • Dedicated Storage

    If your data storage need is 2.5TB or bigger, we have decicated storage with extremely competitive pricing ALL of our plans do not require additional bandwidth fees

  • Dedicated Backup Storage Plans

  • Quick Contact


    Note:  Response time is less than 4 business hours.